Friday, October 1, 2010

Car of The Year

Nissan Sunny B11 have its uniqueness, which you can discover when you really excited to explore what a Nissan Sunny B11 can do for you. You really love your Nissan B11? i like to show you a Nissan Sunny B11 that already make huge changes by its owner, from Selangor area sijangkang,Malaysia.

You can click this link to know more about this Car Of The Year.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The B11 project - the owner(ronlayne's1984 Nissan Sunny)

  • This picture is of a completely standard B11 (many years ago) after it was manufactured in 1984.

  • It featured an E13 engine,which is good for 80 Kilometres per hours.

  • Years later, and at the time when I decided to get into rallying, my B11 looked very different, and had been modified with oversized pistons, an E15 head with slight headwork, crane cams ignition, 1 3/4" custom exhaust, a 32/36 downdraft Weber as its intake modifications bigger brakes, B12 Gearbox and custom front kit.

  • Above is my old B11,after a few years,i make an improvement and today, this is my B11 Nissan Sunny!!!!

B11 SR20DE

  • The car NOW features a fully seam-welded chassis and a full roll-cage, SR20DE Engine with
  • -LSD Transmisson, -Quad Throttle Bodies from a Pulsar GTI-R,
  • -Haltech Engine Managment,
  • -Crane Cams Ignition,
  • -Accel Supercoil,
  • -Tilton Pedal-box (Clutch and Brake),
  • -Wilwood 4-pot calipers and new rotors,
  • -Wilwood Slave Cylinder,
  • -Custom 2.5" Magnaflow Exhaust,
  • -OMP -Racing seats,
  • -15 x 7 Compomotive Motorsport Wheels,
  • -Autometer Gauges.

  • The car has also been converted to a two door, has quad headlights, custom bumpers and then I picked a custom colour for the paintjob.

  • The rear view of the customr bumper, and the hole that was cut to fit the new 2.5 inch exhaust after installing the SR20DE.

  • The SR20DE engine in its new home.

  • A look at the OMP seats and the 3" Safety Harness in each seat to keep occupants safely inside of the little B11 Project.